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Dawned vs. Donned

Unfolded versus Wore Unfolded versus Wore Unfolded versus Wore By Guest Author This is a visitor post by Shelley DuPont. On the off chance that you need to compose for Daily Writing Tips check the rules here.  Did you ever think you knew the verses to a melody, just to discover later they were in no way like you thought?â I realize I have. Editor’s note: There’s a word for this sort of mishearing: mondegreen, â€Å"a misconstrued or misjudged word or expression coming about because of a mishearing, esp. of the verses to a song.† Now and then an essayist who has misconstrued an articulation gives it to the peruser, with unintended outcomes. For instance, I went over a visitor post on how discussions can lead in a roundabout way to increasing more business for yourself.  Anticipating an incredible article, I energetically began perusing. Directly toward the finish of the early on passage, I saw it. It hit me like a little defect on a costly garment:  It wore on me The setting called for it occurred to me, which means I comprehended, I got mindful of. Needing to promise myself that I hadnt been mixed up in my own comprehension of the figure of speech, I googled the expression as the creator utilized it.â There it was at the highest point of the page. Google was asking, Do you mean It occurred to me?' Yes! Truly! I said with some relief.â But this still didnt answer the inquiry regarding why the creator decided to utilize wore as the action word.  Utilized allegorically, the action word to first light methods â€Å"to start to show up or become visible† in the feeling of mental illumination or awareness.â If something occurs to you, at that point another comprehension has come your way.â This utilization appears to be genuinely self-evident, particularly inside the setting of the article.â The action word to wear, then again, intends to get into apparel, or, from a non-literal perspective, to expect, or to get into.â For instance, an ongoing feature taken from the New York Times amusement page peruses, Amanda Seyfried prone to wear â€Å"Red Riding Hood† I guess the creator could have done it purposely. I discovered a site named itdonnedonme that centers around serious 24 hour film making. In any case, the blog title is a purposeful play on words on the articulation it occurred to me and the blog owner’s name: Evan Donn. The setting of the article I was attempting to peruse unquestionably called for â€Å"dawned.† Possibly the mistake emerged from the writer’s way to express the words day break and wear. day break [dã'n] rhymes with yard, yawn and aw (as in â€Å"Aw, shucks!) wear [dÃ¥ n] rhymes with on, con and Ron Now, I can just infer that the writer, similar to those of us singing an inappropriate words for a considerable length of time, has basically stirred up â€Å"dawn† and â€Å"don.†  By the way, it just occurred to me that I never finished perusing that article. Shelley DuPont is a previous secondary school English instructor who web journals for neighborhood entrepreneurs. She effectively coaches online ESL understudies, independent composes, and paints. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Misused Words classification, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:Avoid Beginning a Sentence with â€Å"With†Story Writing 101Double Possessive

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By Looking Closely At Language Content Style

By Looking Closely At Language, Content, Style Show How? Fat? Can Be Considered A Typical Carve Sto Essay, Research Paper ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? While answering this request one should initially observe what a regular Raymond Carve story is. In the wake of perusing a few of his other short accounts you can see an example advancement. His moderate way makes a feeling of withdrawal from the story and its characters, all things considered at a similar clasp he is still ready to take you through an extent of feelings. A regular Carver account doubtlessly includes conversational and straightforward etymological correspondence. Anyway at the base and underneath this are extremely mind boggling and expound story lines that every now and again hold understood in covered messages, these messages are the perusers occupation to bring out. The straightforwardness of Raymond Carver # 8217 ; s characters makes them complex. In spite of the fact that this is a dry articulation as mockery is bit of Raymond Carver? s creation. The distinctions of his characters are basic and customary, however the mockery of the stories makes them irregular. The vast majority of Carver # 8217 ; s characters are comparative: alone characters without the capacity to show themselves, battling with the difficulties of the everyday life and heading out from occupation to occupation. There is a bound to what they can manage, and even an undistinguished occasion can persecute their lives. Their standard lives out of nowhere crease non so common ; they become abnormal. The scenes are semi-mechanical American towns that make the peruser discouraged and kicking the bucket. The mystery plans of his stories are other than similar: the activity starts with common lives, which some way or another surrender into dimness, discouragement and dread. The universe depicted by the author is without confidence, political relations, human progress or society. The peruser is left with grouped sentiments: urgency what's more, thankfulness. Our lives might be awful, yet contrasted with those portrayed in his accounts they appear to be eminent. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In the event that you look at? Fat? to this relationship so one can without a doubt see similitudes. Language insightful, this account is straightforward with no mind boggling representations and so forth, Carver does non require these to make the picture he needs. His basic creation way despite everything can pass on you through an extent of feelings. Toward the start of the account I discovered it humourous, ? This grown-up male is the fattest individual I have ever observed. ? This depiction of the grown-up male can be deciphered as engaging. Anyway as the account creates, this feature of temper in the blink of an eye modifications into a progressively genuine issue as one starts to feel understanding for the grown-up male. The detailed portrayal of what he eats, how he chows an nutrient D individuals? s remarks to his weight filled me with extraordinary sympathy, ? He? s really a greasy. ? The etymological correspondence utilized by the characters to delineate the grown-up male can be unforgiving and coldblooded reenforcing your comprehension for him. In footings of way the utilization of the principal singular account in this story permits Carver to step back and have less of an interpretative impact. A first individual account does non let Carver to hold such control over the characters. The gives a more noteworthy feeling of logic. Huge numbers of George washington carvers accounts are centered around one character delineating occasions. In? Fat? it is based around this grown-up females giving her perceptual experience of procedures, ? I state and an inclination comes over me? The grown-up females does non portray what this inclination is simply that she has one. This adds a go to the account as the grown-up females is non just worried by this keeps an eye on weight however by something different. It is our occupation as the peruser to dismember this. Other than toward the start of the account it is a truly laid back and loose way, by the by as the story advances your feelings begin to come up and you are looking to compute out what is really going on. This is Carver? way being ready to subletely hurl the entire story over passing on up numerous shocks along the way. Similarly as with numerous other of his short stories, Carver will depict something up until this point and simply at where everything is going to be uncovered he stops, go forthing the rest of our innovativeness. At the terminal of a Carver account you feel puzzled as such a basic occasion can be turned around into something life changing for a character. On the off chance that one glances at the general substance of the story so you see a few analogs developing with his different accounts. ? Fat? begins with an normal individual, with a common occupation in a conventional situation. Anyway Carver? s glare is the means by which he changes over these obviously dull condition of affairss into an actual existence modifying experience for the character. On the off chance that one glances at? Fat? so the stoping is a total bewilderment for the peruser, ? My life is heading out to adjust. I feel it. ? In? Fat? there is no existent story line similarly as with his different stories, however its stoping represents Carver? s moderate way, keeping up everything straightforward on the surface, yet underneath you can see that something different is going on. In choice? Fat? has grown-up male similitudes with a run of the mill Carver story. With its moderate way and dull common individuals populating their lives, by and by these lives can be changed significantly by one individual or one occasion. As a result the lives can go into sadness or make the antonym and thrive.

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Tennessee Williams: Author and Playwright :: Biography Biographies Essays

Tennessee Williams: Author and Playwright   â â â â â â Thomas Lanier Williams was conceived on March 26th, 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi. Williams composed fiction and movie screenplays yet is principally acclaimed for his plays. Thomas was the main child and second offspring of Cornelius Coffin and Edwina Dakin Williams. He was named after his fatherly granddad and demanded to be called Tom by the age of ten. His kin incorporate a more seasoned sister named Rose and a more youthful sibling named Dakin. Williams invested a lot of energy with his sister Rose since she was not entirely steady, sincerely or intellectually. Daryl E. Haley once said that Rose was sincerely upset and bound to go through the vast majority of her time on earth in mental organizations. Tom was fundamentally raised by his mom since his dad was a voyaging shoe sales rep. Edwina Dakin Williams was the girl of a clergyman and extremely over defensive of Thomas. She started to be over defensive after he got Diphtheria when he was five years of ag e. His mom was likewise a forceful lady made up for lost time in her dreams of refined southern living. Amanda Wingfield, a character in his play The Glass Menagerie, was designed according to Williams' mom. Cornelius Coffin Williams, Tom's dad, invested the vast majority of his energy in the street. Cornelius originated from an extremely lofty family that incorporated Mississippi's absolute first representative and congressperson. Mr. Haley likewise expresses that Tom's dad was at turns far off and injurious, that is, the point at which he was quite. Toms father additionally more than once preferred his more youthful sibling Dakin over both of his more established kids. Huge Daddy, in Tom's play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is designed according to his dad. Thomas once stated, in reference to his folks relationship, It was only an off-base marriage. From 1923 to 1926 Thomas went to Ben Blewette Junior High, and was as of now that a portion of his first stories were distributed in a neigh borhood paper.  Thomas Williams lived in Clarksdale, Mississippi for quite a while before moving to St. Louis in 1918 at seven years old. At age sixteen Tom had his first brush with the distributing scene when he won third spot for his article Can a Good Wife Be a Good Sport?. Other than winning third spot, he likewise got five dollars from this National Essay Contest. In 1927, likewise at age sixteen, he distributed The Vengeance of Nitocris. In the fall of 1929 he went to the University of Missouri to consider news-casting.

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Managerial Analysis Assignment for Frito-lay Inc. - 1375 Words

Managerial Analysis Assignment for Frito-lay Inc. (Essay Sample) Content: MANAGERIAL ANALYSIS FOR FRITO-LAY INCNAME:INSTITUTION:DATE:AbstractThis paper will point out the mission of Frito-Lay Inc. by describing planning methodologies that are utilized, defining and assessing the organizations strategies as well as pointing out the customers for the company and its competitors. The paper will also provide a description on how the company is organized by pointing out the formal company structure and the informal entities that exist, the decision making process for the company and the way the company manage change. The paper will also entail a description the leadership style used in the company by pointing out the company heroes, its motivation environment and an assessment of the effectiveness of the organizational communication. The paper will also detail the process for control by pointing out the specific types of controls, a description of financial controls and the roles that the information system plays in the company. Finally the pape r will evaluate innovative managerial practices by pointing out how the company encourages entrepreneurship, the ethical dilemmas that the company faces, the sources of employee empowerment are utilized by the company, the role of technology and finally the assessment of my interest to join the organization.Frito-Lay Inc. MissionBesides selling American favorites snacks, Frito-Lay Company is committed to reduce impact on the environment, a mission that is steered by its employees who work at the companys manufacturing and sales site across the United States. To ensure the implementation of environmental preservation, the company recycles its shipping cartoons, recovering the starch left in water after washing the potatoes, invests in electricity using cogeration system built at its plant at Kern California, set a ten years resource conservation to reduce water, gas and electricity consumption and improved the performance of its bags to increase the shell life (Melanie, 2010). The co mpany also installed its first oven heat recovery system, the company leads its parent company to purchase renewable energy certificates to match 100% of the electricity they use, the company began testing the technology that captures as well as condense the steam emitted when cooking chips so that the water can be reused, besides, the company installed the largest Corporate solar power system at its Arizona service center (Davia Nikki, 2007).The company has committed to reduce the diesel it would have used by 2007 by 13million gallons through driven training; as well it has converted its 650 fleet of sales cars to hybrid cars among others. The company has its locations mostly in the United States and more so in the Northern America. With more than 40,000 employees the company has its dedicated customers who like the uniqueness of its snacks that are prepared using high standards and health methods. Some of the key competitors to the company include; McDonalds restaurants which is the largest fast food chain in the world (Smith, 2007), Burger King, KFC among others.Frito-Lay company structureThe company operates as a corporation under its parent company PepsiCo. Under PepsiCo, there are several subsidiaries such as Pepsi-cola North America, PepsiCo International, Frito-Lay North America, and Quaker Tropicana Gatorade. The rest of other operations are undertaken under Frito-Lay North America which has the following departments; sales, Marketing, Operations, Product and packaging. Under Operations, there are two sections that include; Flied Operations entails Facility green teams and HQ operations that entail energy and environment teams (Melanie, 2010).Leadership decision and makingThe company operates under the leadership of Vivek Sankaran who is the president and Chief Operating Officer, Hari Avula serves as the Chief Financial Officer, Kristen Blum serves as the chief information officer, David Flavell serves as the Senior Vice president and general counse l, Ted Herrod serves as the Senior vice president of sales transformation, while Michael Houihan and Chris Kuechnmeister serves as the vice president of procurement and market supply and vice president of communication respectively among others. The company is made up of eighteen seniors directors including the Chief operating officer who drive and leads the companies $14billion snack and convenient food business in every location of the company and they are bestowed the mandate of making decision for the company that are viable of influencing the transformation and growth of the company. The company structure is depicted in the below flow chart. The company focuses mostly on transformational leadership that mentors other workers to take over leadership positions that arises within the organization.PepsiCoPepsi-Cola N. AmericaPepsiCo. InternationalFrito-layN.AmericaQuaker TropicanaSalesMarketingOperationsProduct and packagingField OperationsHq OperationFacility Green teamsEnergy and EnvironmentFrito-lay Control SystemThere are various control systems that the company uses and these include; preventive controls which the company uses to monitor daily markets changes and warns the company directors to as well as management about the future opportunities and threats for the company in the market.Another control is the corrective controls, they provide the company with feedback after any sale action, for example incase its competitor launches new types of chip which will result into drop in sale of the company hence this can be corrected by creating a counter product. In regard to financial control systems, that include; income statements, cash flow statements budget sheets and accounting systems, the company has managed to grow and enhance these systems through investment into innovative ways of presenting products to the market that are able to effectively compete with those of the ...

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Audit and Assurnace 5th Edition Solutions Essay - 11586 Words

CHAPTER 4 Engagement Planning LEARNING OBJECTIVES | Review Checkpoints | Exercises, Problems and Simulations | 1. List and describe the activities auditors undertake before beginning an engagement. | 1, 2, 3, 4 | 53, 54, 55, 62, 66 | 2. Identify the procedures and sources of information auditors can use to obtain knowledge of a client’s business and industry. | 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 | 52, 56, 59, 65 | 3. Perform analytical procedures to identify potential problems. | 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 | 47, 48, 49, 51, 58, 63, 64 | 4. List and discuss matters of planning auditors should consider for clients who use computers and describe how a computer can be used as an audit tool. |†¦show more content†¦Observation--take a tour of the companys physical facilities, keeping eyes open for activities and things that should be reflected in the accounting records. The tour is the time to see company personnel in their normal workplaces. Study numerous sources--AIC PA industry accounting and auditing guides, specialized trade magazines and journals, registration statements and 10K reports filed with the SEC, general business magazines and newspapers (Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Barrons, and the Wall street Journal). 4.6 Find information about real estate valuation (tax appraisal) in the city and county tax assessorcollector files and about aircraft ownership from the Federal Aviation Administration. Names of licensed doctors in the state medical society directory. Assumed business names in the state or county assumed named registry. Liens on

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International Law is Divided into Private and Public

The term of ‘International law’ first used by Jeremy Bentham in his Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, later Hugo Grotius who is a one of the prominent intellectual figure in Europe lead to concept of the modern framework for international law. According the United Nations, international law is defined as ‘the legal responsibilities of States in their conduct with each other, and their treatment of individuals within State boundaries.’ In addition to the U.N. definition, along with the States non-governmental organizations (NGO) and individuals go on to became a subordinate subject of international law, too. International law divided into two parts as private international law and public international; however, general usage of the international law refers to public international law. Through my Fulbright independent research project, I hope to deepen and strengthen knowledge on International law and then especially I would like to sp ecialize academic studies in international humanitarian law (IHL). The range of subjects and actors directly concerned with international law has widened considerably and the realm of international law encompasses various fields such as human rights, international crime, refugees, migration, problems of nationality, the treatment of prisoners, the use of force, and the law of war environment, trade and economic issues, air and space law. To extent an international humanitarian law (IHL) which is also known as law ofShow MoreRelatedInternational Law is Divided in Private and Public Law690 Words   |  3 PagesThe term ‘International law’ first used by Jeremy Bentham in his Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, later Hugo Grotius who is a one of the prominent intellectual figure in Europe lead to concept of the modern framework for international law. International law divided into two parts as private international law and public international; however, general usage of the international law refers to public international law. Through my Fulbright independent research project, I hopeRead MoreThe Court System Of Civil Law And Common Law System843 Words   |  4 PagesThe court system or the structure of court in civil law and common law system A-The court system in civil law systems The courts have divided according to public law cases and private law cases. Courts in civil law countries are more specialized than in the common law. There are multiple sets of courts and each has its own jurisdiction, hierarchy, judiciary and procedure, For example, in addition to ordinary courts that deal with private law matters, there may be Labor Courts, Social Security CourtsRead MoreNature of International Law1640 Words   |  7 PagesNature and scope of private international law Private international law is a set of procedural rules which determines which legal system, law of which jurisdiction, applies when legal dispute has a foreign element, such as contract agreed by parties located in different countries. It is a branch of English law known as the conflict of laws. By a foreign element is meant simply a contact with some system of law other than English law, it has three main objects: Firstly, to prescribe the conditionsRead MorePublic Policing vs. Private Policing1556 Words   |  7 PagesPublic Policing vs. Private Security AJS 502/Survey of Justice and Security Jessica Bishop June 3, 2012 Public Policing vs. Private Security Public policing stands for more in society than private security because of the funding provided. Most private security agencies have to acquire more publicRead MoreThe Swiss Healthcare Adopted A System With The Principles Of Universality And Equality Essay930 Words   |  4 Pagesall individuals to purchase health insurance on the private market, providing financial assistance to those on lower incomes, and regulating the insurance market to protect those with poor health. The current Swiss health care system came into effect in 1996 under the Health Insurance Law of 18 March 1994, introducing a managed health care system to provide full coverage in basic health insurance, which is regulated by the Federal Office of Public Health, and outlined the level of health care thatRead MoreCommon Law And Civil Law835 Words   |  4 PagesAt the global level international law is of great importance and the legal systems such as common law, civil law, customary law, and theoc ratic law exist in different countries across the world. There are about 196 sovereign states in the United Nations Organization and each of the states follows a legal system created by them or by an agreement in the form of regional treaties and other accords. Common law: A common law system according to Samii (2011, p. 112) is based on tradition, judge madeRead MoreManagement Styles1486 Words   |  6 Pagesinfluenced by certain factors, such as, policy, history background, social system, international competition. In this essay, three management styles and two company types will be indentified and discussed. Management style belongs to management strategy; it can be composed of operation strategy, company culture and managers. To be specific, different management styles have distinct characterizations, which can be divided many particular aspects. For instances, Asian styles of management is originatedRead MoreComparison and Contrast Uk and Russia Essay1209 Words   |  5 Pagesyear is 34 weeks. Students are trained 5 to 6 days a week. In Russia, many types of secondary schools exist, such as common schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, etc., and they teach variety of different educational programs. In Russia, as in the UK, private and public schools are differentiated. Basic education lasts for 9 years (9 classes). It is completed by successfully passing the GIA exam (State Final Attestation). After finishing 9 classes students are thought to have acquired incomplete secondaryRead MoreFederal Republic of Brazil1653 Words   |  7 Pagesof a multi-party system. The political and administrati ve organizations of Brazil include federal and state governments, federal districts and the municipalities. The federal government controls the central government and is divided in three branches. Like America it is divided into the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. The current president of Brazil is Dilma Rouseff and is the first woman to hold the presidential position in the country. She assumed office in January 2011 as the 36thRead MoreGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles1491 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizations, and governments. Generally GAAP includes local applicable Accounting Framework, related accounting law, rules and Accounting Standard. Similar to many other countries practicing under the common law system, the United States government does not directly set accounting standards, in the belief that the private sector has better knowledge and resources. US GAAP is not written in law, although the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that it be followed in financial reporting

Ecology Essential Questions free essay sample

Once the population of finch got to a point where food was scarce and competition was causing many finches to die off, the need to evolve presented itself and one group of finches developed a broader beak for cracking seeds, and the niche of that particular finch changed from eating insects to eating seeds, so it allowed the two finches to coexist in the same ecosystem. 4. The levels of ecological organization are: 1) Organism 2) species 3) population 4) community 5) ecosystem 6) biomes 7) biosphere 5. 1. Competition-Organisms struggle, fight or search for the same basic needs and becomes more intense when basic needs become limited. Normally, they will compete for shelter, nesting sites, food, sunlight, minerals, and breeding partners. Organisms that are stronger, fitter, and better adapted to environmental changes will be successful and survive. For example: The maize plants competing with weeds for water and minerals. / The owl and the snake competing with each other for food (the rat). 2. Symbiosis-The close relationship between two organisms of different species which live closely together and interact with each other. At least one of the two living organisms benefits from this relationship. There are three types of symbiosis: a) Commensalism- A relationship between two organisms in which one partner benefits in which one partner benefits (the commensal) while the other does not receive any benefits or harm (the host). For example: A remora fish is often found attached under a shark, gets free transportation, and feeds on food scraps left by the shark without harming it. b) Mutualism- An interaction between two different species of organisms which benefits both organisms. This relationship helps the organisms to survive in harsh conditions. Neither organism will be able to survive on its own. For example: An alga and fungus form lichen, The algo produce food and the fungus provides shelter. c) Parasitism- In this relationship, there is a parasite and a host. The parasite benefits from living outside or in the host. The host is harmed or may even be killed by the parasite. For example: Round worms, tapeworms, hook worms and thread worms (parasites) lives inside the intestines of humans (host). 3. Prey-predator relationship- In this relationship, the predator which is normally bigger in size, hunts, kills and feeds on the smaller, hunted animals called prey. Generally, the predator population is smaller than the prey population. For example: Lions (predators) hunting deer (prey) for food. 6. Level 1: Plants and algae make their own food and are called primary producers. Level 2: Herbivores eat plants and are called primary consumers. Level 3: Carnivores which eat herbivores are called secondary consumers. Level 4: Carnivores which eat other carnivores are called tertiary consumers. Level 5: Apex predators which have no predators are at the top of the food chain. 7. 8. Water cycle is also called as hydrological cycle: The sun, which drives the water cycle, heats water in oceans and seas. Water evaporates as water vapor into the air. Ice and snow can sublimate directly into water vapor. Evapotranspiration is water transpired from plants and evaporated from the soil. Rising air currents take the vapor up into the atmosphere where cooler temperatures cause it to condense into clouds. Air currents move water vapor around the globe; cloud particles collide, grow, and fall out of the sky as precipitation. Some precipitation falls as snow or hail, and can accumulate as ice caps and glaciers, which can store frozen water for thousands of years. Snowpack’s can thaw and melt, and the melted water flows over land as snowmelt. Most water falls back into the oceans or onto land as rain, where the water flows over the ground as surface runoff. A portion of runoff enters rivers in valleys in the landscape, with stream flow moving water towards the oceans. Runoff and groundwater are stored as freshwater in lakes. Not all runoff flows into rivers, much of it soaks into the ground as infiltration. Some water infiltrates deep into the ground and replenishes aquifers, which store freshwater for long periods of time. Some infiltration stays close to the land surface and can seep back into surface-water bodies (and the ocean) as groundwater discharge. Some groundwater finds openings in the land surface and comes out as freshwater springs. Over time, the water returns to the ocean, where our water cycle started. The carbon cycle is the biogeochemical cycle by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, exosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth. It is one of the most important cycles of the earth and allows for the most abundant element to be recycled and reused throughout the biosphere and all of its organisms Carbon exists in the Earths atmosphere primarily as the gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Although it is a small percentage of the atmosphere (approximately 0. 04% on a molar basis), it plays a vital role in supporting life. Other gases containing carbon in the atmosphere are methane and chlorofluorocarbons (the latter is entirely anthropogenic). Trees convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis, releasing oxygen in the process. This process is most prolific in relatively new forests where tree growth is still rapid. The effect is strongest in deciduous forests during spring leafing out. This is visible as an annual signal in the Keeling curve of measured CO2 concentration. Northern hemisphere spring predominates, as there is far more land in temperate latitudes in that hemisphere than in the southern. The Nitrogen cycle: The nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen is converted between its various chemical forms. This transformation can be carried out via both biological and non-biological processes. Important processes in the nitrogen cycle include fixation, mineralization, nitrification, and DE nitrification. Nitrogen (N) is an essential component of DNA, RNA, and proteins, the building blocks of life. All organisms require nitrogen to live and grow. Although the majority of the air we breathe is N2, most of the nitrogen in the atmosphere is unavailable for use by organisms. This is because the strong triple bond between the N atoms in N2 molecules makes it relatively inert. In fact, in order for plants and animals to be able to use nitrogen, N2 gas must first be converted to more a chemically available form such as ammonium (NH4+), nitrate (NO3-), or organic nitrogen (e. g. urea (NH3)2CO). The inert nature of N2 means that biologically available nitrogen is often in short supply in natural ecosystems, limiting plant growth and biomass accumulation. Phosphorous cycle: Phosphorus enters the environment from rocks or deposits laid down on the earth many years ago. The phosphate rock is commercially available form is called apatite. Other deposits may be from fossilized bone or bird droppings called guano. Weathering and erosion of rocks gradually releases phosphorus as phosphate ions which are soluble in water. Land plants need phosphate as a fertilizer or nutrient. 9. Food the population can only grow to the point that the quantity of food that is available can sustain it. Space the population can only grow within the constraints that it has. Predation the population can only grow to the degree that predation will allow it, in fact, it could be wiped out. 10. Primary succession occurs on land that is new and has never had a flora and fauna example: glacier retreats, lava flows. Secondary succession occurs on land that has been cleared example: by fire, of flora and fauna, but which still has viable seeds and spores in the soil. 11. Terrestrial biomes is related with land ecosystem like forests, deserts, tundra etc. while aquatic biomes is related with water which can be freshwater or marine ecosystems. 12. At least 40 per cent of the world’s economy and 80 per cent of the needs of the poor are derived from biological resources. In addition, the richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development, and adaptive responses to such new challenges as climate change. 14. Biological evolution is change in the characteristics of living organisms over generations. Evolutionary theory argues that all the organisms alive on earth today share a common ancestor. As unlikely as it sounds, life forms from spiders to spider monkeys belong to the same family tree. Even fungus merits an invitation to the family reunion. A simple way to think of evolution is descent with modification — over many generations, organisms change into something different. 15. Natural selection is the gradual, non-random process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. It is a key mechanism of evolution. The term natural selection was popularized by Charles Darwin who intended it to be compared with artificial selection, which is now called selective breeding. 19. There are 6 Kingdoms today: Plantae, Animal, Protista, Fungi, Archie, bacteria, Eubacteria. The Kingdom that the organism is assigned to is based on: Its cell type (complex or simple) its ability to make food or not. The number of cells in the body 20. Date| Time Started to Time Finished| EQ Researched| What Did You Learn| Source Used| 5-10-13| 6:00pm| Ecology| Abiotic and biotic components influence each other. For instance, temperature (abiotic factor) can make plants (biotic factor) reproduce more or reproduce less. Also water, an abiotic factor, has an effect on how animals, a biotic factor, survive in certain areas of the world. | Google. com|